See BIG Picture – Transform the world around you!



On the busy working day, after lunch; I came out of office for a quick walk. As usual, without thinking much; my left hand went into my pocket for mobile phone. Within next minute, I called my wife, asked about herself and our little daughter. After three minute chat, my figures started taking ownership of my mobile. Firstly, LinkedIn – checked new notices and updates. Then, opened Twitter; followed by quick scan of emails. Suddenly, a beautiful long tailed parrot distracted me. He was chirping and having short flights from one branch to another. Gazing at the parrot, I realized that every day I walk between such a big eucalyptus trees. I was amazed to notice many birds having long discussions. I found that spring has brought lovely white and yellow flowers on grass. Sun was kind enough to foster mild heat on my face. What a wonderful experience was that!

The entire new world surrounded me, which was not existed two minutes ago. In reality, noting has changed physically. The only change was in focus of my mind. Earlier my vision was restricted to myself; my family; my professional connections; my emails and so on. The moment I was able to broaden my vision to see big picture, I have discovered the whole new world around me.

This experience has reaffirmed value of looking at big picture in life. By big picture I mean, focusing on higher objectives and purpose of a project, business, task, relationship and even life. Looking at big picture transforms our experiences. It is true in almost all aspects of life.

For instance, being part of project team, if we look at big picture; our focus remains at overall objective of the project. We try to understand overall project structure, business benefits and needs of customer. Understanding of big picture transforms the way we look at our job. It is more likely that we break our silos and communicate more effectively. We engage in healthy discussions that help team to take valuable decisions.

Similarly, being a business owner, looking at big picture helps to understand requirements of our customers, market trends, latest techniques and business models. We invest our time to innovate, develop vision and strategy for business with our team. We delegate operational tasks more effectively and concentrate on business vision, mission and strategy.

Big picture mentality helps us to efficiently manage success, failure and stress. Person with big picture mentality knows that nothing in this world in permanent, life is a journey and ups and downs are part of it. Success will not make him extremely happy that he drop focus on the goal. He will consider stress and failures as a part of journey.

This mentality helps us to think positively, successfully manage emotions and our life. At home and at work, we feel peaceful. We focus on things that matter in life, so we pick our battles more effectively, engage in meaningful discussions and attract like-minded people. We develop qualities of saint – we do not engage in jealousy, slander, instead we develop humbleness and gratitude.

Let us transform the way we look at world by looking at big picture. Let us ask bigger questions to our selves; what is purpose of my life? What I am contributing to the world? What I want to achieve before I die? How I want to be remembered by people around me? What is the connection between me and other living beings around me?

Focusing at big picture in life will help us to be better workers, entrepreneurs, parents, and human beings.

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