Change your question – change your life


Good questions have tremendous potential. If you ask good questions to yourself, it will help to challenge, motivate and has a potential to even transform your life. Every day we ask many questions (good and bad) to ourselves. Asking good questions take us the long way. However, asking bad questions causes negativity and drains our energy.

For instance, when we encounter failure, we may ask ourselves following questions:

  • “Why I have to go through this?” or
  • “What I have done wrong in life that this happened to me” or
  • “Why I am so unlucky” and so on.

These are energy drainer questions that will not provide any help to us.

However, there is no reason that why we can’t ask positive questions like,

  • “What can I learn from this experience?”
  • “What can I do to move forward from my current situation?”
  • “How can I develop practical strategies so that I don’t repeat same mistake(s) in future”

Following are few questions that made ordinary people, extraordinary:

Looking at poor, helpless and hungry people on streets, an average school teacher asked herself, ‘What can I do to help the needy people?’, This question must have transformed her life and her dedication, courage and selfless service helped tens of thousands of people. She became to known as ‘Mother Teresa’.

In 1893 when a “brown-skinned” youth lawyer was thrown out of a first class compartment despite holding a valid ticket, he asked himself a very important question that day. He asked, ‘What can I do to stand against unjust imperialism and deep disease of colour prejudice’. That incident was a trigger for transformation. He dedicated his life to serve common man and stand against imperialism in South Africa and India. People called him ‘Mahatma Gandhi’.

More I think about it, closer I reach to conclusion that all extraordinary people have one common characteristic. That is, they ask good questions to themselves.

Now, how we will know if we are asking a good question to ourselves?

Here is the non-exhaustive list of characteristics of a good question:

  • Good question will shift your focus from past to present or future
  • Good question will shift your focus from others to yourself
  • Good question will motivate and encourage you to take responsibility
  • Good question will energise you and help you plan actions for future

Note that asking good questions is a beginning, not an end. Asking good question shifts your mindset in a right direction, motivates to take responsibility and take action. Then, it is upon you to be persistently motivated and sincerely put effort to answer the good question asked.

Here are some more live examples of people who have transformed their lives by asking good questions to them. Explore yourself and I am sure it will motivate you to ask good questions to yourself.

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