Tip to increase perceived value

The last duck
The last duck

Assume you got permission to meet your favorite celebrity whenever you want. Then, do you think the person you admire will be equally important to you?

Have you ever experienced a situation where you have done your best to secure something? After successfully securing, you lost interest in that?

Why we perceive dearer product/service better than cheaper options?

Why we hunt kangaroos (Australia’s National animal) and protect whales in other’s territory waters?

Too many questions! Inference that I can draw from above questions is that scarcity creates importance (perceived value). Anything that is perceived to be important is only up to the point where it is scarce. When same thing becomes abundant it generally loses its importance.

From the above inference, can we say that it a good idea to market our products and services at higher than normal price and limit their availability in order to increase perceived value?

Food for thought!

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