That is why I like the ‘Like’ button!


I wonder why there is so much negativity around us. From TV channels to household debates, we focus on negative! ‘What we don’t have’, ‘What is wrong’, ‘What we cannot do’, ‘Why others got more’, ‘Unachieved goals’, ‘Unmet expectations’, ‘Missed SLAs/Targets’, and list goes on and on.

I still remember my school days and those blood coloured literature answer sheets with circles/crosses all around (spelling mistakes, grammatical error, punctuation and more). A master artefact of absolute negativity. Yes, I wanted to know what is wrong. More importantly, I would have loved to know my strengths. Moving on, modern workplaces are not much different. Those long conversations about how wrong are company’s processes, policies, bosses, culture. Those performance reviews where you get ‘constructive feedback’ about something negative (sugar coated in feedback burger -> positive-negative-positive). Social lunch and dinners appear to be same, unemployment; bad leadership; economic downturn; wars; price hikes; spouse; In-laws; weather are always hot topics.

This negative environment is a root cause of stress, hopelessness and breading grounds for life threatening diseases. Further, it causes vicious circle – negativity causes more negativity.

In general, today’s standard of living, political structure, work environment, sex/caste/ethnic equality, transportation, communication, food, shelter is much better than our ancestor’s times. We need to focus on positivity, however. Spread smiles, find opportunities to acknowledge appreciable attributes, gratitude, contentment, love and care. In any transaction, let us not forget to find something positive and press that ‘Like’ button. It means a lot for person at other end. Genuine appreciation brings positivity. It helps to understand our natural strengths. We work in our strength zones and find right work. We enjoy our work life, which in-turn improves creativity, productivity, family life, wellbeing and creates even more positivity!

So, let us get into habit of finding something positive in transactions to come and press that ‘Like’ button. Come-on I am waiting for you!

Acknowledgements: Above post is influenced by book – “How full in your bucket”

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