7 reasons why my boss should give me valuable feedback


Feedback is one of the most underutilised management tool. We all know its benefits, so I will skip that part. Instead, I am going to share with you 7 reasons you should provide feedback and what it tells about you.

Here you go!

  1. It tells about your level of engagement in Business – If you are providing valuable feedback, it assures that you are serious about your job and company you are serving.
  2. It tells about your competence – You can provide valuable feedback only if you are competent enough to assess behaviours, outcomes, job requirements, standards and understand operating environment.
  3. It tells about you care about your staff – It is obvious, isn’t it!
  4. It tells about your leadership – Great Leaders provides great feedback to steer teams in right direction.
  5. It tells about your confidence – It requires courage and determination to ask your direct report, “Can I provide you some feedback?” I demonstrates your self-confidence.
  6. It tells about your professional relationships – Feedback forms mechanism for good working relationships, trust, professionalism and faith within team.
  7. It tells about your commitment to continuous improvement – Feedback is one of the fundamental components of any continuous improvement framework. Your commitment to valuable feedback is actually a commitment to continuous improvement.

Remember that being a leader it is your responsibility to provide valuable feedback. It tells a lot about you! So, make sure you put required time and effort into it.

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