How To Define Change?

Social and traditional media offers much wisdom on Change management. Few well-defined methodologies (Prosci, APMG) are available to help to deliver change as well. However, there does not seem to be much success in this domain. So, why is that we find it difficult to facilitate and to accept change? I don’t think there is any simple answer to it. However, one of the primary reasons is that often we fail at the first step of delivering change. That is, we do not define change Change is a complicated business. Change have multiple facets/attributes. Some of which we can see and explain, other comes to us as a surprise. Before planning for delivering change, we must define a 3-D model of change and understand all the various attributes of change. There are some more reasons for defining change. Here is a list for you:
  1. Change definition helps to develop a common understanding of change among Change management team members
  2. It helps to develop a change strategy
  3. It helps to develop change implementation plans
  4. It helps to develop custom communications for different groups (e.g. Winners, Losers)
  5. Change definition is based on facts and analysis. Therefore, it acts as a source of truth throughout project implementation
  6. It prompts Change management teams to find facts and do the necessary analysis to facilitate change
Now we know the importance of defining change. Let us see how we can define change: I suggest, using the following Change Definition Table (CDT).
Change Definition Table (CDT) Now let us define change with help of example:
Let’s assume that the local government has passed a plan to build a new bridge in the busy area within the city. We have been asked to develop a change management plan for project implementation. Using the table above and doing some analysis, we can define change as: Change definition: A bridge is planned to be built between ‘Rock’ street and ‘Star’ street. It will be 1 KM long and allow four lanes. Following are the attributes of change:
CDT example
I hope you find this useful! So, what about you? Have you defined change before? Which tools have you used? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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