Complex Problems Made Easy!

Everyone has unique way to look at ‘problem’.

Some think of solution before giving second thought to problem:

  • “We need to reduce team size because our margins are getting too slim”
  • “I need divorce because I am not happy”
  • “I need new phone because my phone is too slow”

Other beat around bush…..

  • “It is very hard to be a profitable business these days; everyone is competing with everyone in global world….. ”
  • …….

When it comes to Problem solving. The first step is to understand problem. Most of us fail at this particular step.

Depending upon nature of problem, we should look at problem from various facets (viewpoints). Then, collect necessary information by separating facts from assumptions and perspectives. Finally, putting everything together in the way that helps to formulate solutions.

How to do this?

Here is a tool to get you started! It is ‘Singh’s Problem Analysis Template’

Singh's Problem Analysis Template
Singh’s Problem Analysis Template

You will get a lot of value by brainstorming complex problems using this template.

Remember, template helps you to analyse problem. So, put your quick solution thoughts aside and focus on understanding problem.

Over to you now!

Which tools have you used in past? Try out this template and let me know your thoughts!


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