Do not focus on your goal!

Sunday afternoon, when clouds were covering angry hot sun. I took opportunity to go out for a run. Initial warm-up, jogging and sprinting ….

Something amazing happened that day. I was reaching my targets with a lot of speed and energy. Generally, I struggle to reach my set target (set Lamppost). I asked myself “What is really different today?” As it turn out, it was not due to my diet, rest or sleep….

Retracing my last sprint, I realised that rather than focusing on my target I was focusing on end of each concrete slab. As I was crossing each slab, shouting ‘Yes-Yes’. Soon, I was reaching my target without feeling much drained.

I extrapolate my above experience for any goal in life.

I think firstly, we need to have a clear goal (Lamppost). Then, set milestones to achieve that goal. Then, focus on achieving set milestones (Concrete slabs). Celebrate each milestone (Yes-Yes) and we will find that goal in not far. Congratulations!

Often we may have to reassess our milestones, apply different tactics, recalibrate. This is part of the game!


Why above strategy works?

I think, when we focus on milestone, something very important happens. That is, we take first step towards that relatively achievable milestone. After milestone achievement, when we celebrate, it helps to develop self-confidence and courage. Then, one after other, we conquer milestones to reach the goal.

However, if we keep our focus on final goal. We may find it very distant, unachievable and unimportant. We may miss something very important. That is, we may not even start!

Let me know your thoughts on this topic. What is your experience? What is your story?

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