Lessons Learnt From My Two Year Old

Being a parent is one of the greatest blessings. A little angle looks at you with innocent eyes and suddenly, everything starts revolving that angle. That is how we have experienced in last couple of years anyway. It is amazing to see your little one growing and learning new skills.


While observing my daughter growing, few life skills are refreshed in my mind:

  1. Smile: She tells me importance of smile. She make strangers her friends by looking at them and giving a million dollar smile.
  2. Appreciation: She tells me how important is to appreciate others. When I praise her dress, hairs or new skills that she has learnt, she feels encouraged, confident and builds energy to do bigger and better things.
  3. Emotion: She tells me that emotions are natural and how important is to be emotionally intelligent. She goes through various emotional states like anger, jealousy and joy. It tells me that how these emotional states bring ‘ups and downs’ in her life and how important is to manage these emotions.
  4. Challenge: She tells me that challenges are part of life and you have to keep on trying. Her challenges were teething, crawling, walking, toilet training etc. She tries, fails and try again until she succeed. Various challenges accompany us throughout our lives. These challenges have a common objective. That is to make us stronger. Our job is to just keep on trying.
  5. Lifelong learner: She tells me that learning should not stop. She quietly observes us, imitate us and constantly learn from us. She is keen to ask questions and explore answers. Learning should not stop!

How about you? What have you learnt from your kids? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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