Customer’s Letter to Software Vendor -My Expectations

Dear Vendor,

I thank you for implementing software for my business. The big job is over now; I look back and think what I originally expected from you.

Here are my thoughts:

I expected little more integrity from you:

  • You should told me upfront that all the good and smart people engaged earlier during the Sales process would disappear as soon as I sign on the dotted lines of contracts
  • You should have accepted that your software is not perfect – We have spent too much time beating around the bush. In fact, we realised very late that you are trying to cover up (not disclosing) gaps in your software.

I expected little more leadership from you:

  • You should have lead me and my team – As you know implementing software is once a while opportunity for us. I was expecting that you would lead my team throughout the software implementation. In fact, we found ourselves juggling alone, trying to figure out to best of our ability.
  • You should have told me about challenges in Change Management – My team kept on asking you to replicate our old system because they were not accepting any process changes with your software. We should have done little better in this space.
  • You should have told me that my team and third party vendors are not cooperating – When you lead, saying nothing is bad diplomacy.
  • You should have advised us upfront for hiring (Change managers, Business Analysts, SMEs, and System Administrators). This would have helped us to proactively hire appropriate resources at the right time.
  • You should have asked for Business case of our project. I am sure you could have done little better than just implementing the software.

I expected little more control from you:

  • You should have advised that Go-Live date in not realistic – Remember when Project board put pressure to deliver software before Christmas? You knew that it is not possible. Rather than admitting it and proposing alternate date, you have decided to say nothing. We end up working very hard, burning our resources and still could not achieve the target date.
  • You should have done little better than merely suggesting, “It is not our responsibility”. Various issues related to Infrastructure, system performance, data migration, end-user training, change management were left with us. However, for successful implementation, all these tasks should have been controlled by you.
  • You should have communicated proactively when you decided to change project resources in middle of the project.

I hope you will take time to absorb above expectations and try to meet them with your next client. I am sure; their expectations will not be much different!

All the best!


SP Singh

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