100% Utilisation Is A Business Risk

If your employees are fully utilised in producing goods and services, consider it as a business risk!


Did you ask why?

It is because if your business is always busy with BAU activities, then the chances are that your business is not thinking ahead.

By thinking ahead, I mean:

  • Keeping up to date with technology trends (Cloud, Business Intelligence, Mobility, Robotics)
  • Continuous improvement (Customer service, Process and Procedures, Value Management, Products and Services and almost everything you do as a business)
  • Executing plans to implement software solutions that will take your business to the next level
  • Executing plans to implement new tools/machines/equipment that will improve business productivity
  • Self-learning of your assets (your staff)
  • Implementing strategic projects
  • Innovation

What is the solution you say?

Invest – Management team should invest their time for Strategic planning. Preparing Business cases for business improvement initiatives, develop 3P (Portfolio, Program and Project) capabilities in-house, develop culture of continuous improvement. Most importantly, during resource planning allow at least 10% of time for ‘thinking ahead’.

Prepare – Prepare road map for ongoing business improvement initiatives, assign responsibilities of these initiatives to your staff, set KPIs and incentive plans for successfully delivering these initiatives , put governance structures in place to monitor progress for the initiatives.

Act – Chances are that you will skip this step and stick to status-quo. However, commit to act on plans and preparation done in above two steps to have a growing business for the years to come.

Good luck!




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