In Search Of Meaning!


I often wonder – What is the final destination of life’s journey? Why I constantly crave for more success, wealth, relationships and power? Why is this constant craving? Why something is always missing in life? Why I am not complete? Whom I am trying to satisfy? Do I actually get satisfaction (even shortly) after so called success or achieving set goals?

If life is a journey then what is the final destination? If, somehow, I reach at that destination, then would I rest there forever? If yes, then does that mean stagnation and death? If no, then (so-called) final destination is not actually final. There is more to it!

Who am I? Why the self-talk does not allow me to rest? Whom I am talking to? Why my self-talk tells me I am special? That I have special qualities….., further tells me untold stories about others (creates my perceptions and viewpoints)….. However, in reality, I am no one! There are billions above and beyond me.

What is this ego? Is that the cause of all problems? Does ego exists in all of us? If yes, why it exists? What is its purpose? When (at which age) ego develops in children? Why it naturally develops in majority (if not in all) human beings? How human without ego would look and behave like?

Why I do not like few people? What is actually wrong with them? Is it their behaviour or thinking that, I do not like? However, what control they have over their behaviour or thinking? Is that not the sum total of their brain-wiring, DNA, family upbringing, culture etc. What control individuals have on any of this? Then, logically, there is no real reason for not liking/hating anyone. Instead, I need compassion for all without judgement.

What is this thing called ‘Destiny’ or ‘Luck’? Many famous authors claim that luck and destiny is nothing.  Man writes his own destiny! They give various examples of successful people like Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin etc. to prove their point. But, is it really true? What about the untold stories of people who struggle for basic necessities? They also have big dreams and traits to be successful. Their problem is that they are born in under developed/war torn countries.

As humans, we need everything. Love, wealth, health, social status, family and so on…  However, like all other things, they are temporary as well. So, while we need them, we should not attach to them. Due to temporary nature of everything, we need to learn to detach ourselves from our possessions, still work hard to attain them. I find this quite ironic!

What really is life? From birth till death, we play, win, loose, learn, grow, achieve, build, destruct and finally do not even get a chance to pack-up. Suddenly, we have to leave everything, including our bodies. It is like continuous grand human drama on the stage of planet Earth!

Still in search of more such questions and few answers…

Help me find answers from your life journey! Share your thoughts!


  1. wow! I ask myself very similar questions. Such as “does the self exist?” “What is the meaning of this existence?” “Is there a purpose for this existence?” I also wonder, “Do I have a soul or am I a soul?” “Does morality exist?” “Are we in a big experiment?” “Am I simply part of an imagination of a bigger being?” Many questions to ponder and reflect on. The older I get, the more questions I ask.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Noel,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      It is very strange that we go through very similar experiences in life but we seldom share and reflect on our experiences.

      I must say that this is very complicated topic. As you think about it, you get more questions than answers. Please share if you have read any books in this area.

      Thanks again!



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