10 Reasons Not To Change ERP!


  1. Our ERP is very old: Check your ERP software version. If it is ‘ancient’ version, consider option of upgrading to latest version rather than changing the ERP.
  2. Our ERP never really worked: Check if software was implemented poorly. Therefore, end-users have no choice but to get creative and device manual workarounds.
  3. There is no one to support: If your ERP vendor is providing poor services then it is another reason of loosing trust in the ERP. Consider changing vendor rather than changing ERP. Vendor does not have to be in your town.
  4. ERP reports are garbage: Chances are that data entered in ERP is garbage. So, put effort setting up Data Governance structures in place, spend time cleaning existing data, create extra fields for the data that is captured outside the system and so on. I agree, it is painful, but there is no other option. This has to happen ever with new ERP implementation. ‘Big data’ is not function of any specific software; it is instead function of Data Management discipline!
  5. ERP does not support specialised processes: Consider integrating best of breed software for these specialised processes to your existing ERP ( like Mobility, OCR emailing, expense management, document management, project management etc.). Trust me options are unlimited!
  6. We are moving to cloud: Check with your vendor about options to migrate on-premise software to cloud. There are many options. All ERPs are working in this space.
  7. Systems are not talking to ERP: Overtime as your business has grown, different standalone systems may have been implemented. If they are not integrated to your ERP, then various options are available to integrate systems together. Seek some expert technical advice.
  8. Our business has grown: Chances are – ‘So does your ERP vendor’. Therefore, it matter of talking to right people and seeking valid options. Options can be as simple as implementing additional ERP modules, integrating best of breed third party software, ERP upgrade and so on.
  9. It is slow: There can be various reasons for ERP’s slow response time. Infrastructure, poorly written reports/data queries/configuration, legacy operating systems, poorly managed ERP maintenance activities to name few reasons.
  10. Everyone hate it: If you focus your energy to identify root cause of the issues and address them, everyone would start loving it.

The bottom line: ERP is one of the major digital investments for any business. If your business is not happy with existing ERP then the first step is to identify root cause of the problems. Engage trusted ERP partner or independent consultant to help, if required. There must be valid reasons for changing your ERP. Make sure you have done your homework before deciding changing your ERP!




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