How Often You Service Your ERP?

Have you thought of servicing your ERP? If not, then read carefully!

Your ERP is a business tool (an Information processing machine). Like all other complex machines, your ERP needs service too. So, get your ERP logbook now!

You may say, It does not make sense!

Consider the following points:

  • Data Quality – Due to staff turnover, low level of governance and lack of ERP training, the data quality deteriorates over time.
  • ERPs Evolve – Both SaaS and On-Premise ERPs continue to offer new features and bug fixes. Why not to take advantage of the offering?
  • Creative Staff – If staff turnover is high, without proper guidance, new staff generally finds new ways of working around the ERP. These new ways use multiple documents and spreadsheets outside the core system, instead of utilising in-build ERP functions.
  • Creative Technical staff – Your IT department can do more harm than good. Rather than using in-build capability within ERP, they introduce unnecessary scripts to automate ERP workflows. Therefore, we must monitor this activity.
  • Businesses evolve – Your ERP requires updates (e.g. additional workflows, new features) to keep up with the changes in the market.
  • Infrastructure optimisation (for On-Premise ERPs) – As your business grows, your ERP infrastructure needs to scale as well. Your Support team should ensure the ERP database optimisation.

So, what do I mean by servicing the ERP?

I mean routine health check of your ERP by a qualified Consultant covering the above points. One of the primary reasons business invest in implementing new ERP is because of lack of investment in the existing system. Therefore, service your ERP regularly!

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