How Body and Business Are So Similar?

Our body and business are not much different. Both are the machines that receive input and their coordinated effort produces an output.

Learning – Like a healthy body, healthy business must learn from experimentation, analytics, and retrospectives.

Strength – Like every individual has natural strengths. Similarly, the business must be aware of its strengths/niche.

Weak Muscles – Like one small weak muscle can cause disability and pain. Similarly, one weak department, line of business, cost centre, group can cause grief in the business.

Flexibility – Strength without flexibility is inability. Similarly, the business must be flexible with the changing environment. Only then, its strengths will manifest in the good results.

Balanced Diet – Balanced diet for the business is good salaries, commissions, perks, public recognition, training, personal development and care.

Similarly, vision, strategy, mission, leadership, exercise …. and the list goes on..

The key is that when we visualise business as a body, we take a big leap towards simplification. We look out of silos and visualise business as one cohesive unit.


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