What is The Most Under-Utilised Resource?

While our focus has always been to optimise limited resources, what do think is the biggest waste? Which resources are been most under-utilised?

Well, I think, it is you and I!


It is humans and human potential. Here are my thoughts on this:

  • Division of Labour: Does division of labour makes sense in our organisations. For IT, it sounds very depressing that people with Job title – Testers/ QA Analysts, will only test software all day every day. Similarly, Analysts will focus on analysis.  Why we cannot work as a team using some common sense and creativity to increase overall value to the business and clients?
  • Immigration: Next time you meet an immigrant Cab driver, Security officer, factory worker just ask them their educational background/experience. You will be amazed to find that such a bright and educated people have given up finding jobs they deserve.
  • Inequality: Openly or behind curtains, we discriminate based on sex, ethnic background, and social/economic status. We do not evaluate people with open heart and minds. “It is who you know and not what you know…” I consider this is as curse on utilising human potential.
  • Qualification: Do we really need employees to have education that we ask for? What value does it really add? How much we may be losing because potential star performers do not meet the minimum qualification requirements for the job.
  • Education: What value does formal education is really offering? Do people with formal education perform better than others? Are we efficiently using our student’s valuable time? How much of education system has changed to meet market demands?

Political unrest, Organisational leadership…..the list can continue further. The point is that we are not collaboratively thinking to optimist human potential!

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