Agile Vs Waterfall Vs Critical Chain. Which Is The Best?

Some numerous books and blogs suggest choosing one project methodology over the other.

I believe each framework has its strengths. Therefore, we must evaluate these methods against the given project and choose the best option.

Let me ask you, why can’t we apply Agile, Waterfall and Critical Chain together in an ERP project?

For repetitive, more straightforward tasks like infrastructure analysis, software installation, data migration and training, we deploy Waterfall method.

For complex tasks like integrations, process changes, customisations, we apply Agile methods (like Scrum).

For the overall project, we use Critical Chain by removing buffers from the individual tasks and manage them separately. We limit Work in Progress (WIP) and focus on eliminating resource and task constraints. Overall, we try to increase the efficiency of the project delivery.

In summary, we can use these methodologies together in a project. Choosing one method over the other is holding us back. 

What has been your experience? Drop me a comment.


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