Why Dating With Implementation Partner Is So Important?

Are you looking for a new ERP Implementation partner? Well, it is important to know about each other (very well) before the big commitment (signing the contract).

Successful ERP implementations are dependent on performing client and vendor teams. They must work as a one team to meet project objectives.

As a project sponsor, make sure that your organisation and prospective implementation partner are made for each other. Ensure your values, business ethics align. Investigate and ensure that prospective vendor has key capabilities required for the implementation. Also understand key capability gaps in your own organisation to deliver a successful project.

To understand this, you must date with preferred ERP partner, before signing on a dotted line:

  • Start small and understand nothing is free from this point onwards: Before signing the contract, commit to smaller engagement like project scoping, discovery, enterprise analysis, proof of concept, business architecture review etc. Pay for the engagement, and do not expect it to be part of Pre-sales. It will help you to experience partner’s delivery, in action. During these engagements develop good understanding on role and responsibilities of the both teams and project implementation methodology. Analyse and consult with ERP partner the capability gaps within your organisation (like resource required for Data Migration, testing, change management etc.). Similarly, have open discussion about how ERP partner is going to address your concerns.
  • Open up and let your prospective partner evaluate you: Allow implementation partner to understand and evaluate your organisation and capabilities. It is quite possible that ERP partner may decide that it is not a good fit. As the proposed solution may not meet your specific needs, solution requires heavy customisations which cannot be delivered in the proposed budget or, team is disjointed and does not have a clear direction. It is in best interest of the both parties to know sooner rather than later if they are a good fit or not. The key is to give opportunity for two-way evaluation and be open and honest about the process.

To conclude, take small steps together and evaluate if you are made for each other before you commit to anything substantial.

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