I am an ERP Implementation consultant; helping clients implementing digital capabilities. I specialise in packaged software (ERP, COTS) implementations. I engage with clients from inception to final product delivery. I offer consulting project management services. Clients benefit by my laser focus attention on project objectives (The big picture). I provide clear direction and leadership in the projects.

I love reading about psychology, business, personal development and management.

My wife and I are first generation migrants to Australia. We came from ‘land of five rivers’ – Punjab (India). Australia is now motherland of our loving daughter.

This is my personal blog. I dedicate this blog to ERP implementation projects. My focus is to provide fresh look on ERP selection, implementation and management practices. This blog is not about any specific software, technology or platform. In fact, it is about identifying key challenges and provide clever solutions during project implementation journey.

If you are (or aspire to be) Project Sponsor/Executive or involved in ERP implementations, then you will get a great value from this blog.


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