The life-changing act of kindness


The plane landed at one of the remote mining towns. I was visiting the client’s office for enterprise analysis. The office was 45 minutes drive from the airport. One of the client’s employees was kind enough to pick me up from the airport. After a quick introduction, I jumped into the car. She asked me if I needed a bottle of water. I said no, and we continued some light conversation. Finally, we reached the office. I settled in, and she took out a chilled water bottle and said – ‘This is for you.’ I find it a little strange. A lady who had never met me before got a water bottle from her home.

She showed me around the office and took me to the coffee shop. As it turned out, she took me to the coffee shop to get me a coffee. She did not buy anything but insisted on paying for my coffee. She mentioned that we would go out for lunch in a nearby hotel.

After the little workshop, she took me to the hotel. I wanted to pay for the lunch. She again insisted to pay for the lunch too. After lunch, I continue the work in the office. She booked my ticket for the bus to take me back to the airport. She walked me to the bus stop. She said to the driver, ‘he is our consultant’. I have never experienced such warm hospitality at work. It was a little strange.

The next day, I received a call from her. I thought I must have left something in the office. She said – ‘SP, did you reach home safely. It was a little late yesterday, so I haven’t called. But, I wanted to check if you reach home safely.’ I was speechless and felt so small.

In the corporate world, everything is transactional. We are conditioned to be dry and emotionless. Nothing is unconditional, and everything revolves around I-thinking. I am no different! I am part of it, without a doubt!

Today, I wrote on my sticky note app – to be kind like her. Her life-changing act of kindness is so contagious. I hope it sticks with me and grows inside me forever!

Kindness comes from the inside, and you may not be able to train yourself to be genuinely kind. So I am hoping it naturally grows within forever!

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