Are Meetings A Waste Of Time?


are meetings a waste of time

Are meetings a waste of time?

We meet people for two-way communication. Thus, listening is the critical part of a meeting. Meetings are a waste of time if you only speak and do not listen.

It goes back to your intent. If you intend to communicate and listen to different perspectives, definitely meet people. It is one of the best ways to develop creativity and solve problems. But, if you intend to direct orders, then why waste time in the meetings? Email them instead!

Remember, meetings are meant for the give and take of information. If you are not going to ask intelligent questions, gain perspectives, then don’t call meetings. If you want to see people and direct them, call it an assembly (not a meeting).

I agree that the way most meetings are run is a waste of time. However, it does not mean that we should not have a meeting.

Instead, we should educate ourselves on listening and collaborating within the meetings. We must learn to be vulnerable, humble and listen with an open mind.

How about you?

As a Project sponsor, who are you running the meeting? Are you listening or trying to save your image by demonstrating executive presence?

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