Importance Of Dating With Implementation Partner!

Are you looking for a new ERP Implementation partner? Well, it is important to know about each other (very well) before the big commitment (signing the contract). Successful ERP implementations are dependent on performing client and vendor teams. They must work as a one team to meet project objectives. As a project sponsor, make sure … Continue reading Importance Of Dating With Implementation Partner!


The Root Cause Of ERP Project Failure

ERP projects are failing to deliver customer value. I believe, we have a long way to go to get it right. Here are few references to support the fact: Few articles to support the fact of high failure rate of the ERP implementations To save the failing projects, we need to … Continue reading The Root Cause Of ERP Project Failure

Unknown Effects Of ERP Project Slippage.

Projects slip due to various reasons. Ultimately, it affects who is paying for the project. Yes, the Project Sponsor, Client and the buyer. Therefore, next time be very cautious about the project slippage. Ask right questions and challenge the project team for all the good reasons. So, how delay in the delivery can affect you? … Continue reading Unknown Effects Of ERP Project Slippage.

Agile Vs Waterfall Vs Critical Chain. Which Is The Best?

We often choose one way over that other. There are thousands of blog posts, books that suggests choosing one implementation method/framework over the other. I believe each implementation method/framework has its strengths. The value is in evaluating which method suits the best for a given task, stakeholders, and environment? Why can't we apply Agile, Waterfall … Continue reading Agile Vs Waterfall Vs Critical Chain. Which Is The Best?

Early Indicators Of Project Delay!

Most ERP projects have to be delayed without much warning. It has a negative impact on team morale, project cost and business case. Let us see some leading indicators of project delay: Executive Leadership: No sense of urgency: Project sponsor and board do not communicate importance of the project. There is no carrot, no stick. … Continue reading Early Indicators Of Project Delay!

The Most Under-Utilised Resource

While our focus has always been to optimise limited resources, what do think is the biggest waste? Which resources are been most under-utilised? Well, I think, it is you and I! It is humans and human potential. Here are my thoughts on this: Division of Labour: Does division of labour makes sense in our organisations. … Continue reading The Most Under-Utilised Resource

Body and Business

Our body and business are not much different. Both are the machines that receive input and their coordinated effort produces an output. Learning - Like a healthy body, healthy business must learn from experimentation, analytics, and retrospectives. Strength - Like every individual has natural strengths. Similarly, the business must be aware of its strengths/niche. Weak … Continue reading Body and Business

Why Scrum Sucks?

Scrum is like a religion. Religion has values and rituals. Rituals support values. Without values, rituals are meaningless. Scrum sucks because we follow its rituals (Daily Scrum, Sprint Reviews etc.) without living the values (Focus, Courage, Openness, Commitment and Respect) and the three pillars of Scrum (Transparency, Inspections and Adaptation). If the basic Scrum values … Continue reading Why Scrum Sucks?

Scope It! Do Not Sit on the Fence – Guessing !

Your prospects needs solid estimate before making decision on investment. Call it a proposal, quote or Statement of work.  Often we (vendors) sit on the fence, throwing numbers with bundle of disclaimers/assumptions. It does not help us nor the prospect. Instead, step in, roll your sleeves and scope it. Learn about the business, read existing … Continue reading Scope It! Do Not Sit on the Fence – Guessing !