Avoid the Ego Trap: Why We All Need a Reality Check?


As business owners and executives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the demands of our work. We can start to believe that the entire world relies on us and that our absence would cause everything to fall apart. This overconfidence can lead to a delusional state in which our ego grows larger than our true selves. We start to sound like someone else and lose touch with who we really are.

It’s important to step back, consider some valuable perspectives and avoid the ego trap:

Firstly, there are no guarantees in life, success or results. It’s essential to ground ourselves in reality and remember that we are not invincible. Secondly, many great people who were once deemed irreplaceable are no longer with us. Life goes on and evolves on its own without our involvement. We should avoid the mistake of thinking that we are exceptionally special.

Finally, we should acknowledge that our success as high achievers is not solely due to our own efforts. The support of our loved ones, community, country, and even the natural world has made us who we are. We owe it to them to be grateful and recognise that we are merely a tiny speck in the grand scheme of things.

A reality check is a valuable exercise that we should undertake from time to time. It helps us to remain grounded and humble, allowing us to avoid the pitfalls of excessive confidence and delusion.