Best practice? You are kidding me!


It makes sense to apply best practice to a procedural, repeatable task. But, best practice has no place in a dynamic environment like battlefields or transformation projects.

The best practice tells you to follow specific procedures to get an average result. The best practice is a fancy name for common practice. It is, however, not meant for the complex dynamic arena, like software implementation. The best practice can be your starting point but should not be the end. The fact is that based on the dynamics of the team, culture, working environment, project constraints, project resources experience, we should tailor and project approach and methodology. There is no ‘one size – fit all’ best practice solution.

So, next time when you hear best practices from your Project Manager. Be aware that he is referring to standard practice. So, if you hear this next time, perhaps ask:

  • What do you mean by best practice?
  • Where is it documented that the project methodology you propose is the best practice?

I guarantee that the best practice is an excuse for lazy thinking. Doing things the way you always have done cannot be a best practice!