The best team members expect much more than their salary!

Organisation Culture

Forming a Project team is one of the most crucial tasks for the Project’s success. However, it is a challenging task to get the best people to work on your Project.


Because, firstly, they are already in demand. Secondly, there are in scarcity. Thirdly, the best team members expect much more than their salary! They may not state this to you, but you must know if you want to keep them on your Project.

So, what do they need above the agreed salary?

  • Environment: They like to work in a collaborative environment where they can express their ideas, have the freedom to experiment, and make mistakes in a safe environment.
  • Leadership, Direction, and Decision making: They like Project Sponsor, Board, and executives to demonstrate leadership and set clear objectives, direction, and decision-making.
  • Progress: They like to be busy and love to see progress. So, it would be best if you had mechanisms to unblock impediments.
  • Learning: They love to learn new experiences, concepts, technologies, and environments.
  • Sense of achievement: Sense of achievement motivates them and helps them keep pushing ahead daily.
  • Meaningful work: They challenge nonproductive work. Be prepared to be challenged by them if you ask them to do something to keep them busy for a while.

You get the point!

That is why getting and keeping the best people for your Project is not easy. So, if you want them, you must do much more than pay good salaries!