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Ticking in the box!

Ticking in the box!

Topics like sustainability, embracing diversity, environmental awareness, and change management are deep learning topics. They challenge our current thinking patterns, culture, and decision-making. It all sounds too hard! So, most of us choose an easy solution! A...

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Steering committees can be annoying!

Steering committees can be annoying!

Parents, teachers, coaches, managers, sponsors, boards, and steering committees can be annoying. They are in a comfortable overseeing position and always pick on us. They always have something to say. They have no clue about our challenges and constraints. Yet, they...

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Dissecting Change Marketing!

In the last post, we covered how we confuse organisational change management (OCM) with change marketing. Change marketing typically involves broadcasting your messages multiple times using different mediums, hoping the message will resonate over time. We often call...

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Change Management Vs Change Marketing!

During project execution, we send stakeholders many messages about the change. We use many mediums (email, print) to present our information. We consider publishing forthcoming changes and providing support (training, a cheat sheet) as change management. These...

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Code for transforming the project team!

IF, I choose to serve my customers, project, and team genuinely. AND I don’t pretend to have answers to all questions. AND I stay humble, genuine, and vulnerable, yet I work hard to find the appropriate answers. AND I genuinely give credit to the team members who...

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Role of the leader!

As a leader, I should ensure we reach the best possible outcome within the given constraints. I should not be controlling my people. Instead, I should be guiding them towards a shared outcome. Unfortunately, I still see leaders controlling their people and demanding...

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Building A Rock Solid Foundation

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