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We need everything in one system!

One of the most common requests I hear is the desire to have everything in one system. While this aspiration is understandable, the ideal approach is to create a seamless working environment that integrates existing business systems. This practical solution allows...

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Driven by laziness!

We often test the patience of our most patient teammates. Hardworking employees often get more work. We often get lazy while reviewing the work of perfectionists. The above examples have one thing in common: we are lazy by default. It's important to recognise when our...

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Be fully prepared for this journey!

If you have an important meeting at a new place, you research the route and prepare for the journey. Similarly, when it comes to selecting and implementing enterprise software (ERP/CRM), learning from others who have been there before can be invaluable. However, we...

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What about inheriting decisions?

Our decisions, seemingly insignificant in the present, have the potential to shape the lives of those who will come after us. We are not just making decisions for ourselves, but for the generations that will inherit our choices. Inheritance of material and wealth is...

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Step out of my autopilot zone!

It's easy for me to make choices based on my past experiences. I've developed a preference for certain dishes and coffee, and I've found comfort in the same restaurants over the years. I stick to clothes of known brands, sizes, and styles, all based on my past...

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Crossing the bridge!

Effective communication is akin to crossing a bridge to the other side and connecting deeply. Often, we remain on our own imaginary islands, leading to communication gaps. To mitigate this issue, we must cross the bridge and understand others before seeking to be...

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Adding great value!

When I think of others as superior, then my energy is likely to be spent on impressing the other person. When I think of another person as inferior, my energy is likely to be wasted on boosting my pride and ego. When I am at a stage where I see all as one, my energy...

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Being more empathetic and less judgmental!

I have no control over my birth or death. Much of what I do aligns with what others in my age group do, suggesting that the aging process influences the broad direction of my evolution. My environment, genetics, and experiences shape my thinking. Overall, I may have...

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Working with great leaders!

Working with great leaders is like riding a powerful tide; their presence propels us forward seamlessly. They alleviate our burdens, like painkillers, helping us forget our struggles and reach our full potential. These leaders leave an indelible impact on us,...

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