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Meeting Mastery: How To Meet Successfully?

Meeting Mastery: How To Meet Successfully?

Meetings are frequently regarded as a waste of time within organisations. There have been numerous strategies and tips for shortening meetings. We've been working hard to keep meeting times to a minimum. As a result, various tactics, such as stand-ups and planks, are...

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Why Not Keep An Open Mind About Things?

Why Not Keep An Open Mind About Things?

Women have long been denied their fundamental rights. Sati pratha was widely practised in India for a long time. Similarly, apartheid was widely practised as a legal principle.Various parts of the community struggled for their rights over time, shedding blood, tears,...

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Our Own Emptiness!

Our Own Emptiness!

If we cannot recognise good qualities and strengths in others (people, organisations, or communities), it is merely a manifestation of our own emptiness.

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Building A Rock Solid Foundation

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