ERP Selection – The Quick and Dirty Way!

You can waste months and spend thousands on ERP selection for your business. The fact is that conventional vendor selection often does more harm than good. There is a better way to choose vendors much quicker and intelligently. Caution: This article is not intended...

How To Reduce The ERP Project Cost? Revealing One Of The Best Way!

This is the #1 question that every Project Sponsor is asking! How can we reduce the ERP Project Cost? A significant chunk of ERP cost is the consulting services. If you are serious about reducing the project's cost, this is where we should be looking. Now the question...

How To Review Statement of Work? Never Miss These 6 Checkpoints!

As a customer Project Sponsor, you cannot afford to overlook Statement of Work (SOW). SOW is one of the most critical documents in ERP implementations. It includes detailed information about project scope, estimate, timeline, role and responsibility. It tells you what...
Why We Need ERP? #11 Reasons You Can’t Ignore!

Why We Need ERP? #11 Reasons You Can’t Ignore!

Clarity on purpose is vital for any investment. Investing in ERP is a crucial decision for a business. So before investing in ERP we must understand why we need ERP? This post reveals 11 solid reasons why you need ERP. Before going any further, do you know what is...

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What is ERP? Insanely Simple Stuff You Must Know!

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. The name suggests that the software help organisations for resource planning. It is misleading as ERP have grown much more profound and prominent over the years. ERPs do much more than resource planning. So, what is ERP? It...

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