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Stop complicating things! There is no set recipe for digital transformation!

We love debates! Pick any topic; you will find thousands of articles debating different viewpoints. We love to complicate things to win. For instance, search for the following topics on the internet: Agile Vs Waterfall, which is better?Project Manager Vs Scrum Master,...

Why hire a consultant while the internet has tons of information?

Self-help is a good thing. But be careful; self-help can be self-harm when you have little information and much isolation. Many SMEs assume they can select, implement and rollout enterprise software in-house. Without help, they reinvent every wheel. As a result, they...

How to reduce the cost of enterprise software implementation?

Enterprise software (ERP/CRM) are relatively expensive initiative. Due to the high cost, many business owners and executives sit on the fence about deciding to invest in enterprise software. There is, therefore, value in asking the following question: How to reduce...

ERP is too expensive to implement! Think again!

We often hear ‘ERP is too expensive to implement!’. If you believe it is a valid statement, then keep reading. So, you also think that EPR is too expensive? To illustrate my point, let us take an example: I am going to invest and plan to buy an investment house. I...

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What is the biggest ERP failure?

We all experience failure at some point in our lives. Failure is worthwhile if we learn from it. But it doesn’t look like we have learnt much from the biggest ERP failure! So, what is the biggest ERP failure? You may be thinking about some big project! It is not any...

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Being ignorant about ERP is not okay!

Once upon a time, a young couple was living in a busy town. As they settled in, they decided to purchase their own house. They instantly purchased a tiny apartment. As their kids grew up, the space was not enough, so they rented an extra room within the same building....

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Software for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)!

If you are looking for software for Small and Medium enterprise (SME), research ERP. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Yes, the name is misleading, but the software can prove to be a game changer. It is single integrated software that can meet SMEs’...

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Is ERP worth it?

After hearing the horror stories of failed ERP implementations, many executives and business owners question investing in ERP implementations. There is no doubt that ERP implementations are risky, expensive and complex. They cost way too much money. So, is ERP worth...

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Consultants and their fresh pair of eyes!

We tend to have a set pattern of thinking and ways of viewing the world. We have set paradigm to view problems and opportunities in the business context. Consultants and their fresh pair of eyes add value by challenging the current thinking patterns and paradigms. It...

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Why are we so busy?

On the global stage of planet earth, we are so busy sorting out life! Why are we so busy? Are we adding real value or digging holes and filling them? One of the main reasons that we are too busy is because we often underestimate problems and overestimate our needs....

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The problem is that we do not acknowledge the problem!

It is tough to get us to acknowledge problems. We may love to talk about them but don’t accept them.   At a personal level, we may be overweight but continue to satisfy ourselves with narratives such as: My body is okay; it is just a little fat around my belly.I put...

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