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The side effects of project slippage!

Try your best to stick to the project schedule and never allow project slippage. When the project slips and takes longer, it can have serious side effects. Let us examine the side effects of Project slippage: Changing world: The world around you is constantly...

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Why do too many IT projects fail?

Look, I am not going to share reasons why do too many IT projects fail! I am flipping the question and arguing that may be success criteria set for IT projects are often too immature. During project initiation, we know very little about the project. We set arbitrary...

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The saga of most enterprise software projects!

Most enterprise software projects start well. Their project status remains green. So, the Project Managers report them to be on time, budget and acceptable quality. However, you see issues cropping up after consuming approximately 60% of project time and budget. The...

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Best practice? You are kidding me!

It makes sense to apply best practice to a procedural, repeatable task. But, best practice has no place in a dynamic environment like battlefields or transformation projects. The best practice tells you to follow specific procedures to get an average result. The best...

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Change Management must start from empathy!

Prosci ADKAR Change Management model starts with 'Awareness – of the need for change'. Korter 8 – step process for leading change begins with ‘Create a sense of urgency.’ Why don’t we start by first understanding people who will be going through the change? How about...

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Change Manager does not manage change!

Change Manager does not manage change! Why do we assume that the Change Manager is responsible for managing the change? The Change Manager does not manage change! There is no need to manage change in isolation. Instead, we need to influence people, so they adopt...

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Building A Rock Solid Foundation

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