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The High Cost of “Winging It”!

The High Cost of “Winging It”!

As entrepreneurs and executives, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we can just wing it. We might be in the habit of bouncing from one meeting to the next with little to no preparation, convincing ourselves that we can handle whatever comes our way on the...

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Time to Stir the Pot: Dare to be a Rebel!

Time to Stir the Pot: Dare to be a Rebel!

Why do the places where people intend to catch up always seem to be filled with deafening noise and blaring music? Why is it that when tough times arise, friendships and close relationships tend to dissolve? Why do powerful nations often escape unscathed even after...

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Building a rock solid foundation

A Guide for Project Sponsors

Building A Rock Solid Foundation

This book is for the Project Sponsors and executives. There are practical examples, tips and process that will help sponsors to lead from the front. The book will force you to think from different dimensions. If you implement knowledge, methods and tips, you will experience instant results. You will see the improvement in the order, focus and growth in the morale of the team.

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How to WOW Customer Experience? Skyrocket Pre-Sales!

Open floodgates to more business. Get your prospects to line up to do business with you!

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