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Sometimes no action is a good thing!

Yes, sometimes proactively observing without any action is a smart move! You know that the kids often complain when they go to a new class or school. When we move to the new house, we sometimes discuss the new place's shortcomings We often complain when we look at...

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Project Teams crumble due to poor leadership!

Project Teams flourish due to their great leaders. At the same time, Project Teams crumble due to poor leadership. Leaders (irrespective of the job title) are the pillars that support their team. The great leaders: do the heavy loading while staying calmlisten while...

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The life-changing act of kindness

The plane landed at one of the remote mining towns. I was visiting the client’s office for enterprise analysis. The office was 45 minutes drive from the airport. One of the client’s employees was kind enough to pick me up from the airport. After a quick introduction,...

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Why does the Critical path matter?

In the last post, we have covered the meaning of the Critical path. We have established that the Critical path is the chain of interdependent tasks. But why does Critical Path matter? The Critical Path matters because delays on the tasks that are on the Critical path...

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What is the Critical path?

The digital world is full of jargon! One of the key terms that Project Sponsors must understand is the Critical path. Let us explore – What is the critical path in a project? The project is a collection of tasks that must run logically. Moreover, they must be in...

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