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Trap of ego-based thinking!

Ego-based thinking is one of the top constraints in every project, relationship, or interaction. By default, we tend to overestimate our own contribution. Our thinking patterns put us at the centre of every discussion point. So, we feel good when we hear our praise...

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Sometimes we like to take it out!

Sometimes, we like to take it out. We want to talk about our problems, issues, and challenges. We like to discuss things that are not working. We bounce ideas and ideal scenarios of what should happen. We may draw conceptual diagrams and paint a picture for the...

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What is progress without a plan?

Progress without a plan is likely to be more drifting and less progress. We may see effort and outcomes but are unaware of direction. However, we are not designed to plan and implement. If no one mandates a plan, we are likely to continue with no plan. Perhaps that is...

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Attachments can only make us stiff and weak!

Take a moment to think about your childhood. Ponder the days of your uni or the early days of your career. It may all seem like distant memories, with some faded recollections of your experiences. Even if we try to recreate the good old days, we will likely regret our...

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We often debate ways of working!

We often debate ways of working (methodologies, processes, procedures, and rituals). Here are a few points to consider: The ways we worked before may no longer serve us well. Two distinct ways can be equally valid. Hybrid ways (the amalgamation of two ways) may serve...

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Limits are there for a reason!

The following policies and procedures may sound bureaucratic. Some may want to uproot such limits. Casual wear is only on Fridays. No mini skirts or shorts are allowed. The Project Manager must always own the Project Risk Register and Project Schedule. The CEO must...

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Dealing with problems!

When we are in constant, extreme pain due to a problem, there is a high chance that we will put effort into resolving it. So, pain (being painful) works in our favour. Other problems sometimes cause extreme pain and other times reasonable pleasure. Most such problems...

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Label me good or bad!

I may find fulfilment in serving others. I may find peace in donating my savings. I may feel better after caring for my family. I may feel a sense of achievement in making more money. I may feel smart by fooling others. You may label me good or bad based on what I...

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