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Are you having fun?

We are the most creative and offer our best services in the right working environment. How do you know if the Project team are in the right working environment? Look out and ask only one thing from the team. Are you having fun? Team members are vulnerable and open to...

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It is not about you!

As an executive, you may have your goals, aspirations, and hope to improve the current business. But, remember, it is not about you! Connecting your staff with a higher organisation objective and cause is far better. People happily work for a higher objective and...

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Fake it till you make it, sucks!

Ok, I admit – Fake it till you make it - may work on a few occasions! But we cannot - Fake it till you make it - to become a team player! Yet, we all see bad advice on: How to give feedback (by feedback sandwich)?How to build rapport (by mirroring)?The famous...

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How to bake the perfect project?

There is no recipe to bake the perfect project or precisely deliver a successful project! Project management is an art as much as it is a science. We should continue learning the ways to deliver successful projects. At the same time, we should know there is no set way...

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Failure is overrated!

Sorry, I failed to meet the deadline for a significant milestone!I failed to deliver the project on time!I failed to understand customer requirements!I failed to develop fit of purpose solution!I failed to choose the right software vendor/product!I failed to manage...

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SP writes extensively on Project Sponsorship, Management, Business Transformation and Change.

Building a rock solid foundation

A Guide for Project Sponsors

Building A Rock Solid Foundation

This book is for the Project Sponsors and executives. There are practical examples, tips and process that will help sponsors to lead from the front. The book will force you to think from different dimensions. If you implement knowledge, methods and tips, you will experience instant results. You will see the improvement in the order, focus and growth in the morale of the team.

Customer Experience 

How to WOW Customer Experience? Skyrocket Pre-Sales!

Open floodgates to more business. Get your prospects to line up to do business with you!

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