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Dealing with our current mess!

Many reasons can cause our current mess. It is often easier and more practical to start from scratch, which relieves us from the painful analysis of finding the reasons for the current mess. Here are a few examples: My kitchen is messy, and I will organise the kitchen...

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Personal brand!

Two people can have the same qualifications, experience, and skills. Yet, there can be massive differences in their earnings. The earnings difference is likely due to the personal brands they both carry. We carry a personal brand at all times. Some polish it and make...

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Develop environment that motivates!

Motivation is scarce and short-lived. Multichannel communication methods and long lectures will not help in the long run. So, consider developing the work environment with the following attributes: Try to tell stories about everything, as we love stories. Gamify...

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Less is more!

The small number of hardcopied letters (mail) was more valuable than the many emails in our mailbox. In our teenage years, two pairs of ordinary shoes and jeans were more valuable than the heaps of fancy clothing I possess now. The once-off treat of buying the ice...

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Get your team leaders on the centre stage!

As leaders, we may have temptations to be in the limelight. It boosts our ego and pride after sharing a project update. We may carefully weave words to show how well the team performs under our leadership. However, let us keep reminding ourselves that it is not about...

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Sales teams know us quite well!

We love to get things done instantly, with minimal effort, cost, and overhead. We tend to desire and appreciate things that increase our status and boost our ego. We love to look good in front of others. We assume that we are rational thinkers. The sales and marketing...

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Simple path and difficult journey!

Eat less, exercise more. Live within your means. Take care of yourself and your people. Keep your ego in check. Know that you are a minuscule part of a vast ecosystem. Associate with only one. There are a handful of simple rules for living an excellent life. Yet, our...

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The power of associations!

One ball and two sides make a game. The association on each side makes up spectators. The potential number of spectators is associated with money, glamour, speculation, and fun—the hype of possibilities, in turn, is associated with media, commentators, lights, and...

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I see myself spinning my wheels!

There are certain things that I must do. I know they lead to my goals and aspirations. Yet, I see myself choosing things that are more pleasurable and fun. Short-term pleasure, relief from pain, and distraction often win over things that matter. This is one of the...

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Demise of another tribe!

Some tribes (organisations, teams, and families) are extraordinary. The members of the tribe support each other. They love, sacrifice, and deeply care for one another. They prosper together and achieve great heights. One day, however, the world turns upside down for...

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