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What is the biggest ERP failure?

We all experience failure at some point in our lives. Failure is worthwhile if we learn from it. But it doesn’t look like we have learnt much from the biggest ERP failure! So, what is the biggest ERP failure? You may be thinking about some big project! It is not any...

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Is ERP worth it?

After hearing the horror stories of failed ERP implementations, many executives and business owners question investing in ERP implementations. There is no doubt that ERP implementations are risky, expensive and complex. They cost way too much money. So, is ERP worth...

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Consultants and their fresh pair of eyes!

We tend to have a set pattern of thinking and ways of viewing the world. We have set paradigm to view problems and opportunities in the business context. Consultants and their fresh pair of eyes add value by challenging the current thinking patterns and paradigms. It...

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Why are we so busy?

On the global stage of planet earth, we are so busy sorting out life! Why are we so busy? Are we adding real value or digging holes and filling them? One of the main reasons that we are too busy is because we often underestimate problems and overestimate our needs....

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Building a rock solid foundation

A Guide for Project Sponsors

Building A Rock Solid Foundation

This book is for the Project Sponsors and executives. There are practical examples, tips and process that will help sponsors to lead from the front. The book will force you to think from different dimensions. If you implement knowledge, methods and tips, you will experience instant results. You will see the improvement in the order, focus and growth in the morale of the team.

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How to WOW Customer Experience? Skyrocket Pre-Sales!

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