Why should we bother about viewpoints?


Feedback is a vital tool in the business world. We typically ask for feedback from the people we serve or sell our products. We collect feedback from our customers (internal to the organisation or external) to develop a holistic 360-degree input.

It makes sense!

But what about having an insight into others’ viewpoints, and why should we bother about viewpoints?

The viewpoint is the perspective of an individual from where they see the world. We all have different viewpoints that are unique to us. The viewpoints tell us how others perceive our work or product. Understanding different viewpoints produce a more complete picture for us.

Each stakeholder has a unique viewpoint about our product and service. As leaders, our job is to continue collecting their viewpoints to gather real-world insights into our work product or service.

Consider the following examples:

  • Analysing the viewpoint of the Digital Marketing expert, a prospect and a loyal customer about our public website.
  • Understanding the viewpoints of the field staff, Finance manager and User experience designer for the Mobile app.
  • Noting the viewpoint of our peers about our general behaviour at the workplace.

Do not limit yourself by collecting feedback only. Gather viewpoints where it matters and take your product and services to the next level!