Are you building your dream house in the swamps?

Visioning and Selection

As a business executive, you are responsible for making major business decisions. The challenge is making decisions in an area where you may not have the required domain knowledge.

Often one such area is Information Systems. The entire business and organisation suffer from bad decisions made during software selection. You play with fire when making decisions without diligence, consultation and expert advice.

Choosing enterprise software requires a well-managed process. You need to know organisational requirements, enterprise architecture, strategy, business risks, assessment criteria, vendor assessment tools, and evaluation criteria, to name a few areas.

Don’t risk the opportunity. Instead, engage a trusted consultant to help you find the right software. The enterprise software is your platform, like a block of land where you build your dream house. Ensure you are doing the right things and choosing the fit-for-purpose platform.

Please make sure you are not building your dream house in the swamps!

I have come across many organisations that have. I don’t want you to make this mistake!