Why We Should Consider A Business Debt Register?

Digital Transformation

Band-aid remedies make sense!
They are a fast fix, allowing us to move on and focus on more serious matters.
They are inexpensive, so we can save and invest elsewhere.
We don’t need to wait for a professional, either.
The issue arises when we do not know where the band-aid solutions are used or how many of them we have. By definition, band-aid remedies are fast fixes. However, when the system is under stress, they are likely to be the first ones to fail. In other words, they will fail when we rely heavily on the system.
Band-aid solutions are not restricted to technology or software; they also include people, culture, process, and leadership.

The technologist generally records the list of the band-aid solutions as a Technical debt. How about we consider recording all the people, culture, processes and strategy related band-aid solutions in the Business debt register?

Ultimately, they are business risks, so they must be on our radar!