Why are Business Systems too complex?

Digital Transformation

How do you decide which Business Systems you need within your organisation?

Do you need one centralised ERP or best-of-breed software and integrations among them?

When investing in technology, you may have to consider various solution options. Often, the answer to such questions is not black and white either. When you ask the consultants which choices are better for your organisation, the standard response is “it depends”, followed by a diplomatic answer.

So, why are Business Systems too complex? Why it is too difficult to ascertain the type of Business software required and how they will interoperate?

The simple reason is that we develop complex Digital systems without investing in architecture. SMEs do not invest in top-down architecture. Hence there is no landscape depicting various software, its capabilities and how they will interoperate.

Consider chaos while building a house without any architectural work. The clutter in digital space is precisely due to the same reason. We develop a complex system without any architectural work.

Ask yourself how much your organisation has invested in architecture?