Businesses like to believe they are unique!

Visioning and Selection

Businesses like to believe they are unique and different from their competitors in the corporate world. Therefore, they seek custom software solutions to set them apart in the market. However, the reality is that most traditional businesses have similar capabilities, making modern ERP systems ideal for process automation.

There are huge benefits to adopting tried and tested methods within the enterprise (inventory, finance, and production). By getting the fundamental capabilities right, businesses can achieve maximum efficiency and streamline their processes without reinventing the wheel or reengineering new ways of working.

It is important to note that while being different may sound appealing, there is little value in it if it means sacrificing efficiency and effectiveness. By adopting standard working methods, businesses can focus on what truly sets them apart – their unique value proposition and offerings.

There is value in getting the basics right, before focusing on product/service differentiation.