How to manage the byproducts of meeting discussions?

Project Execution

It is excellent to stick to the agenda and tightly run meetings. However, we must allow freedom of new thoughts, ideas, and questions. These are all the byproducts of discussion. These topics may not directly relate to the meeting agenda but are essential to note.

The problem is when we consider them too essential and allow them to hijack the meeting. Or, we spot them are out of scope as per the meeting agenda and ignore them. Unfortunately, both approaches are not ideal.

As leaders, we should be aware that there will be byproducts of discussions. Therefore, why not set up a parking lot to record such byproducts?

Consider creating a parking lot to record any topics, concerns, and risks during the meetings. Also, consider adding an Actions register and Risks register as appropriate.

There could be hidden gems in the byproducts of meeting discussions! Don’t let them fall through the cracks!