There will be few casualties on the path of change!

Change Management

Organisational Change management communication is often too fluffy and unreal. We pretend as if everyone will be just fine.

For instance, we will be better off having a new system. Life will be too easy; things will work with the click of a button. The company will support employees through the change process. There will be redeployments to better opportunities and so on.

We know that any significant organisational change is complex. So, why not also prepare employees for reality? Why not educate them on why the company is investing in the change? Narrating what the change can mean to the business, its employees, and customers. Acknowledging that there can be challenging times, the business may have to make difficult decisions. Accepting that the new world may not be favorable to all of the employees. Finally, demonstrating what the company will become if we do it right.

Yes, corporate communication largely depends on your company culture, but there is value in keeping things real.

You may be thinking that employees may leave. Maybe it is a good thing for the employees and your business.

Knowing that there will be few casualties on the path of change if employees choose to be with you. You have a much stronger team and a high probability of success!