Change Feeds On Strong Leadership!

Total Quality Management, Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Re-engineering, Business Process Improvement, Process Redesigning, Value Chain Improvement, Business Transformation, Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption and many other similar terms to follow….. At the end of day it is all about managing successful Change. Various authors explain change management models Kotter’s 8 Step Change model, Good to … Continue reading Change Feeds On Strong Leadership!

In Search Of Meaning!

I often wonder - What is the final destination of life's journey? Why I constantly crave for more success, wealth, relationships and power? Why is this constant craving? Why something is always missing in life? Why I am not complete? Whom I am trying to satisfy? Do I actually get satisfaction (even shortly) after so … Continue reading In Search Of Meaning!

How To Deliver Awesome Client Presentation?

Have you ever experienced Presentation sickness? It may be while attending a boring, long presentation..... OR While delivering presentation to uninterested audience..... Presenting in the consulting engagement can be a challenging task. Clients have high expectations. Consultants are expected to know their stuff, present professionally and manage client expectations. If you are presenting make sure … Continue reading How To Deliver Awesome Client Presentation?

100% Utilisation Is A Business Risk

If your employees are fully utilised in producing goods and services, consider it as a business risk! Did you ask why? It is because if your business is always busy with BAU activities, then the chances are that your business is not thinking ahead. By thinking ahead, I mean: Keeping up to date with technology … Continue reading 100% Utilisation Is A Business Risk

Two Types of People

I have got opportunities to work with diverse groups, organisations, people and cultures. I find that when it comes to process and procedures at work, there are two broad categories of people. Here is the summary of differentiation: Simplicity Masters Complexity Masters Approach – In general, they trust others and base their approach based on … Continue reading Two Types of People

Lessons Learnt From My Two Year Old

Being a parent is one of the greatest blessings. A little angle looks at you with innocent eyes and suddenly, everything starts revolving that angle. That is how we have experienced in last couple of years anyway. It is amazing to see your little one growing and learning new skills. While observing my daughter growing, few life skills are … Continue reading Lessons Learnt From My Two Year Old

Why Do We Micromanage?

Knowingly or unknowingly we often micro-manage. It is non value add activity that poisons the working culture and employee's development. It always leads to ‘Loss-Loss’ situation. But, why do we micromanage? I think of following reasons: We don’t have enough to do – So, we just create work for ourselves by forcefully managing others. Perfectionists – … Continue reading Why Do We Micromanage?

How Good Are You Serving?

  What is so special about humans that they are constantly prospering? Innovation, discoveries and development is touching new heights. What is the reason behind this evolution? Yes, biologically we have bigger brain/body ratio than animal kingdom. However, what are we doing with the bigger brains that are helping us to prosper? Well, I think … Continue reading How Good Are You Serving?

When I Broke into Tears in the Meeting Room!

In one of my previous jobs, I was supporting Enterprise Application for a big enterprise. I was responsible to ensure that all critical issues are resolved in time. I was liaising with Technical teams and their management. One thing, which I did really well, was proactively managing issues. However, while managing issues, I haven’t considered … Continue reading When I Broke into Tears in the Meeting Room!

The Golden Question!

These four words are so magical! When we use them at right time it: Helps to breaks ice "Good Morning all! Today is one of the best days ever! What do you think?" Helps to confirm if all are on same page and share perspectives "I suggest investment option B is better than A because it … Continue reading The Golden Question!