Celebrate Project Closure With Heart And Soul! Your Team Will Love You For It!


How to celebrate project closure with heart and Soul?

We often start projects with a kick-off but seldom finish them with celebration. Very few projects are lucky enough to meet a graceful end, and the team sit together and celebrate.

Why is that?

Maybe, you as Project Sponsor or Manager, is too busy to bother?

There is always a next big thing (a distraction) that serves as an excuse not to bother to celebrate with the team. If you are one of such busy managers, then stop and pay attention to the rest of the article!

celebrate project

Look, technology projects are full of challenges and bitter surprises. The project team puts much effort to make the project a success. It is difficult to deliver solutions in the tight constraints of budget, time and quality.

We all know the feeling when we are stuck with a problem but do not know a viable solution. So we think day and night to work out a solution. You Project teams go through such cycles of sleepless nights many times within the project. Few of them often put their heart and soul into the project.

So, it is uncool not to stop, say thank you and celebrate project closure with them!

To ensure you do not put this celebration on a backburner, schedule a day to celebrate and announce it.

When the day is locked, rest everything will now come to its place.

Let us talk about what celebrate project closure is not:

  • It is not celebrating that the project is finally over
  • It is not lessons learnt discussion
  • It is not a project review or audit
  • It is not choosing star project resources and giving them badges
  • It is certainly not about you and your contribution to the project

Instead, it is about getting together as one team and acknowledging the team’s hard work and dedication. So, prepare for this by sharing real stories and experiences, focusing on the contribution of the project team. Pick examples where the team has gone above and beyond their responsibility to get the project over the line. Your focus should be project team, and you must prepare to make this celebration worthwhile and rememberable.

You may think to announce your sacrifices on the project. But, as much it sounds great to share your challenges, contribution, and rescue strategies during the celebration, save them for some other day.

You are celebrating the achievements of your team! So, wholeheartedly acknowledge the hard work, contribution and dedication of your team.

Share memories to cherish! Bring awesome food! Create a special environment! Stop everything else! Celebrate project closure from your Heart and Soul!

I hope you have a great time with your team!

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