Is Change Fatigue Real?

Digital Transformation

If the change is for a good reason and my employer provides full support, then I am likely to welcome the change. If such changes continue, I may gladly accept them. As such, changes are improving the processes, automating the manual work, and improving the stakeholder’s experience. I don’t see a reason for resisting such changes because of their sheer volume.

But we often talk about change fatigue. It sounds like we get sick and tired of business improvement initiatives. The question is: What is the real reason for the fatigue? Is it continuous improvement and change or exhaustion due to overworking on the business improvement projects and the BAU work?

Fatigue is often due to overworking employees for an extended period of time. We somehow name it change fatigue. It is fatigue due to overwork.

So, rather than slowing down on change, we can increase our capacity to support change initiatives by deploying additional resources. Yes, it is an additional cost, but returns should be much higher than the cost. Slowing down doesn’t change our condition; investing in improvement initiatives does!