Change management plan designed in a vacuum!

Change Management

As change managers, we must learn from school teachers, team coaches, and professional mentors. They facilitate change in the lives of their pupils daily.

Think of how great teachers, coaches, and mentors have shaped and transformed the lives of many great men.

I am sure they haven’t followed a superficial change management plan designed in a vacuum. Instead, they must have started by knowing their followers deeply. They might be interested in their strengths, weaknesses, culture, learning styles, and other intricacies.

As change managers, we must plan to deeply know the people among whom we will facilitate the change. The change management plan that we developed in the last project may well be useless in this project. Before planning to manage the change, we must understand its impact on all stakeholders and deeply know the people we serve.

Our job is to hold their hands and lead them from the front on the change journey. Before they let us hold their hands, we need to know them deeply and develop trust to get along with them on the journey of change.