Change management plan: Why do we need one?

Change Management

If the change is constant, then we must have a plan to manage it! However, we do not carry any formal plans all the time.

For example, we are maturing and growing old, and our priorities and lifestyles are changing. Without noticing, we must be constantly changing. We may not need a change management plan for constant change.

But what about sudden change with a high impact? For example, when someone loses a loved one, business instantly grows or bursts. Then, we may need professional support and backing from family and friends. Essentially, the support we seek is our change management plan.

The projects are not any different. We need a change management plan to handle sudden, high-volume, and impactful changes. Before we go out and manage change, we must understand what change means for all stakeholders. We must also understand the people who will be affected by the change. Then, plan a strategy to facilitate the change within the constraints of budget, time, culture, and expectations.