Thinking about changing enterprise software? Save yourself from pain!

Digital Transformation

There are many reasons organisations change their enterprise software (ERP/CRM). Often companies grow, and existing software cannot support and scale with them. There can be other reasons, like the vendor’s existing software is no longer supported (EoL).

More often, changing enterprise software is an emotional decision. Organisations believe that their existing business problems are due to their software. So, they expect the new software to solve all business problems magically.

As an executive or sponsor, the question that you should be asking is:

enterprise software

What is the root cause of problems with the current software?

  • Are the end user not optimally using the software?
  • Do few teams process information outside the enterprise application? Why?
  • Is the software fully supported and maintained?
  • Is the software kept up to date with the latest version?

Before investing time and resources in finding a new software, see why you need new software? Then, convince yourself that replacing the current software will address the root cause of the problems.  

Take the emotion out of the analysis. Instead, understand precisely what your organisation needs. For example, if my daughter cries for another barbie doll, I know the new doll will make her happy for a while. Do not assume your existing enterprise software is terrible. Instead, investigate why the business should invest in replacing it.