What are Circular Problems?


  • Problem 1: I am overweight.
    • Solution 1: I started taking weight loss products.
  • Problem 2: My weight is decreasing, but I feel constipated and dull.
    • Solution 2: I started taking fibre supplements and drinking black coffee to stimulate my brain.
  • Problem 3: Drinking black coffee with the supplements is often causing headaches
    • Solution 3: I started taking Panadol for headaches
  • Problem 4: It is not practical to take weight loss products, fibre supplements and Panadol to work
    • Solution 4: I bought a big lunch box for work

Did you see how the solution to one problem is a cause of another problem? I call the phenomenon a Circular Problems. The Circular Problems is a phenomenon where the solution to one problem is the cause of another problem. The circle keeps growing. We think we are busy solving problems. However, we are likely to be spinning our wheels.

Can you think of a circular problems in your personal or business life? What are you doing about them?