The Pitfall of Chasing Shiny Objects: Why a Clear End Goal Matters!


I am grateful for the doors that were closed on me. Looking back, I realise that I used to measure success by the thrill of entering through new doors, without considering where they would lead me. I was directionless, desperate and eager to chase every new, shiny objects that crossed my path.

However, each closed door has been a blessing in disguise. Who knows where those shiny doors would have taken me? With time, I learnt to be more intentional about my goals. I understand that the end goals should guide my short to medium-term choices. Clear end goal matters!

However, I am not alone. This common pitfall is something I see in many executives and Business owners. It is crucial to be mindful of our end goal. So, potential opportunities, new tools, processes, or people do not distract us from our objectives. Seeking clarity on our end goal can be valuable in ensuring that we stay on track.

Being mindful of our end goal can be our greatest navigator and help us achieve long-term success.

Have you figured out your end goal?