Click of a button!

Project Sponsorship

I often hear this: “We want to get a new system that processes payroll (or any other process) with the click of a button.” In summary, customers want an easy-to-use automated system.

However, achieving this is not just a procurement aspiration but a procurement and implementation goal. The new system will not magically automate our processes. We must follow a step-by-step process of selecting the right software and implementing the right solution to meet business needs and expectations.

This requires skills in project management, business analysis, solution analysis, system configuration, training, testing, data migration, change management, governance, and many other workstreams working in parallel to deliver the right outcome.

Achieving digital maturity, where most processes are automated, requires a disciplined approach. It is not merely a procurement decision. We must be prepared to go through the hard work and perseverance necessary to achieve highly sophisticated business automation.