Why closing your project with elegance is so essential?


The following two project stages are super crucial. So, Sponsors should pay extra attention:

  1. Start
  2. End

Project Start: The start of the project is where you set the project’s foundation. It is so crucial that I have a complete book for you.

Project End: The project team wrap up the product (software) during the project end. They hand over the software to the Support team. Generally, there is a get together to thank and celebrate with the project team and stakeholders.

closing your project

Closing your project with elegance is so crucial because we have short memories. We are likely to feel good about an average project with a great end. At the same time, we may not want to associate with an excellent project that ended terribly. We are more distracted than ever before. Our memories are under the intense pressure of information overload. Hence, it is even more important to close your project elegantly.

Take a moment to reflect on the following. They all are pointing to close your projects elegantly!

  • Why do the politicians try to please the citizens near the end of their term (before the next elections)?
  • Why do we make a big deal about the graduation ceremony?
  • Why do builders make your house keys handover a special moment?
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